Taxicab colours, Hong Kong – 香港的士

Hong Kong, with its archipelago of islands, has different colour-coded taxis for each set of main islands. Sedan chairs were the only public transport in the colonial Hong Kong, but now is the Toyota Crown Comfort the replacement the for them all, the very same model used by Japan’s taxicabs, even some have the same automatic (driver-activated) rear door opening…


Culiacán’s domes

Culiacán, Sinaloa‘s capital, and hometown for the most powerful drug lords Mexico has ever seen, has plenty of peculiarities, often landmarks linked to the inherent narco culture ingrained in the territory, but one of the least known is a structure crowning many houses in the upper-scale districts: domes.


Everything Gongbei Underground, Zhuhai – 拱北地下广场, 珠海

Gongbei Underground Market (拱北地下广场), is the unofficial name for the Gongbei Port Shopping Plaza (拱北口岸购物广场), a subterranean shopping mall located next to Gongbei Port Authority, one of the many Zhuhai’s crossings to Macau and China. For the Macanese, tourists, foreigners, as well as gamblers from the mainland passing by, it’s the Land of Chocolate, but with consumer electronics, Chinese memorabilia, tons of exotic food, illegal bureaus de change, and everything in place to get yourself happily lost instead…



Maize culture, Mexico

Virtually every dish in the Mexican cuisine uses maize one way or another, and its key importance in Mexico’s kitchen and culture can be traced up to 8000 BC.

Maize ears and seed of the Mexican landrace "Conico Norteño". (more…)

Mapping Gongbei’s Underground Market, Zhuhai – 拱北地下广场, 珠海

Gongbei Underground Market conforms an entanglement of narrow corridors, hidden doors, empty spaces, stairs going to nowhere, and an endless list of apparently chaotic distribution.