Neon lights, Hong Kong – 香港霓虹燈

Hong Kong is a unique place that has absorbed people and culture from all around the world, resulting in a city with multiple personalities and a distorted sense of time, where there’s little time for sleep and where making money is the priority number one that runs the city in a scale I’ve hardly seen anywhere else.


The People’s Republic Of Television: Portraits From 80′s China


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In the 1980s, television reached China in a big way. Part of the rapid economic expansion of the People’s Republic, TV was available to the masses for the very first time. And much like the first appearance of TV in the West in the ’50s and ’60s, those lucky enough to own a television proudly displayed their boxes as status symbols.

But beyond vanity, the TV brought contact. Suddenly, a single type of device brought citizens of this vast continent together more immediately and more efficiently than any technology until the arrival of the Internet . . . and simultaneously provided the state with more opportunities for propaganda than ever before.

Still, whatever its political re-purposing, one can imagine the joy and curiosity TVs brought their first owners, probably comparable to the reactions of younger generations to owning their first iPhones.

Soon, photographs of people and their televisions began appearing…

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