Well people, the time has come yet again… I’m moving back home!


Esquites, Mexico

Keeping on with Mexican maize, from the náhuatl word ‘izquitl’, esquite is the name given to boiled maize kernels served in a cup and condimented, usually sold by street vendors.

Esquite con chile (more…)

Elotes preparados, Mexico

Another delicious treat from Mexico’s streets are elotes preparados, sold everywhere in any Mexican city by eloteros pushing around their wheeled carts.


Raspados – Shaved ice (Mexico)

Raspados or raspas are a type of ice-based dessert, traditionally made by shaving a block of ice and adding flavoured syrup, though modern (and faster) sellers use a blender to make ice chunks.

Photo by  Garrett Ziegler @Flickr (more…)

Huitlacoche – Corn smut

Corn (elote in Mexico) is one of the pillars of the Mexican cuisine. Multiple uses and dishes have spawned from it since its domestication and artificial selection in the Mexico’s Tehuacan Valley, to the rest of the Americas around 2500 BC, and to the rest of the World by the XVth century, thanks to the ability of this plant to grow in diverse climates.

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