Café de olla, México – Spiced pot coffee, Mexico

I have spoken before how in Mexico everything has to be spiced up, and now is time to reveal that not even coffee can escape this fate.



The many capitals of China

With roots in history that can be traced as far as 3,000 years, I have to admit that even the rich Catalan history languishes compared with what is today’s China.



China’s (lack of) flags, explained

Contrasting with a rich mythology populated with dragons, three-legged crows and bixies, anywhere in China there it should be a flag, there is always the same one: the Five-Star Red Flag.


Moving (back!) to China

China is the kind of place that more often than not will make you feel like you have landed in some extrasolar planet.



Border couriers, Zhuhai – 边境走私, 珠海

Always lurking around the stairs to the lower levels of Gongbei Underground, these professionals are a helping hand dodging border restrictions at Gongbei’s Port.

Macanese customs