Mexican transit buses – Camiones de México

Everything in Mexico seems to have been used far beyond its natural lifespan, from buildings to politicians, and their city buses are no exception.

mexico local bus


Totopos y tostadas, Mexico

Totopos and tostadas are the multi-purpose cutlery and plates of Mexico respectively, and a versatile snack present in every Mexican household.

Totopos in a basket


Caife Gaelach, Éire – Irish coffee, Ireland

Guinness might be the first thing that comes up in your mind if I ask what is Ireland’s most well-known beverage is, but after this, it is coffee. Irish coffee.

Irish coffee


Book cover

I’m not really into taking pride on myself, but this time is for a good reason! Turns out this picture from the 2009 snowstorm in Bellaterra (Barcelona):