Paul Van Dyk live in Culiacán

Daily life in Culiacán can be tedious. There’s nothing much to see, nothing much to do, but sometimes, something amazing happens, and this time it was a world class kick-ass DJ: Paul Van Dyk!

Paul Van Dyk - Live in Culiacán

The 19th May, PVD made a stopover in Culiacán at Centro de Eventos Figlostase, as a part of his Evolution World Tour.

Paul Van Dyk - Live in Culiacán

For some reason, Culiacán enjoys life performances of international top singers and DJ’s, e.g., Above and Beyond played not so long ago, Shakira in 2007, Miguel Bose, DJ Tiësto too… they all made a stop in Culiacán.

It could seem unusual to have an artist with a concert tour list like “New York – Los Angeles – Dubai – Barcelona – London – Hong Kong – Culiacán“, but the city is plagued with people with willing wallets 😉

Paul Van Dyk - Live in Culiacán

Paul Van Dyk - Live in Culiacán

As usual, some international (Ruben Gabaldon), national (Mijangos) and local DJ’s played before PvD to warm up the session (Imazue, Enrique Kwen), but it was a little late when the last one played, and everybody was getting tired.

Not even the bass of DJ Mijangos was able to flip-up the situation, but when Paul Van Dyk started, we knew why he is a world-class DJ: it is impossible to feel down with him!

Paul Van Dyk - Live in Culiacán

Fatigue fade away immediately, and for 2 hours, everybody followed his haunted rhythm. Few pictures of the gig here!

Paul Van Dyk - Live in Culiacán

See the intro of his session here:

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