Spicy Fresh Fruit Cocktail (II) – Coctel de fruta preparada

Mazatlán: a place for relaxing holidays, milk-skinned Canadians, gorgeous girls, hardcore partying, police abuse… and a beautiful beach line. This city is an amazing and cheap tourist destination, with the addition of having the same beautiful sunsets as in Culiacán.

So, if you are tired of the overcrowded, all-included destinations in Mexico like Baja California or the Riviera Maya, in Mazatlan you’ll find a nicer, calm and cheaper place to go. It’s like Yangshuo in China, a destination that Mexican nationals enjoy more than foreign tourists so the prices are low, without the “mass-tourism” commercial structure.

And as a touristic city, it is crowded with hawkers, selling all kinds of stuff, from temporary tattoos, hats, counterfeit DVDs, as well as braids and whatnot. Today I want to show you the fruit hawkers on the beach, selling spicy fruit cocktails nonetheless! 🙂

These guys carry fully loaded planks with prepared fruit cups all day long up and down the beach. When they see a crowd of people, they just set the table and stay a little around. I previously wrote about spicy fruit cocktails and what’s with the spicy thing here in Mexico, so you can better take a look at it 🙂

Have a nice holiday!

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