On posting often

Recently I’ve experimented several changes in my life that could affect the publishing rhythm of the posts despite I reached the +500 monthly unique visitors and 350 subscribers last month… I know that in Internet numbers that’s not much, but for me it is! Thank you all!

Instead of getting a boost of willpower, I have to confess there it will be a few weeks of drought on new posts…!

Besides keep on the projects I oversee for the company and considering that it seems I like punishment, I started teaching at a University here in Culiacán, which needs preparation before each class. For some reason, they think I’m capable of managing a bunch of unstable teenagers without a Taser…

And as the cherry on top, unstable Internet connection, thanks to the useless bastards of Megacable. And when it deluges the lights go off (here, when it rains, the streets became rivers) because some transformer (the electric ones, not the Autobot – Decepticon thing) explodes, literally. We’ll talk about Mexican public services quality later… ahem.

So well, you see that getting to the computer to choose a theme, research about it, select the pictures, write it all down, spelling, grammar, check, double-check and finally publish, requires the willpower of hundred tacos, but I’ll do my best to keep up the pace and quality of the posts!


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