The Mighty Morphin Chinese Angry Birds – 太空版

I wrote in previous articles about Chinese copies of Apple products, luxury watches, software, the markets where they are sold and almost everything related to it, and today I want to show another example of the levels of the copy culture for which anything successful is copied, duplicated and spewed back: Angry Birds Space. and its crude Chinese copy.

The successful game from Rovio already has a Chinese knock-off (or imitation, version, copy… you name it), with even the same name: Angry Birds Space HD:

As you can see on the loading screen above, this clumsy copy should be called Happy Birds or Upset Birds, according to their resolutive faces. In this copycat, the birds are no longer angry, but the enemies keep being green, disguised as cats, big space cats with antennas and spacesuits instead of pigs. And they don’t steal any eggs, but they get straight to kidnapping and abducting! Here’s the Chinese knockoff introduction screen:

Compared with the screen from the original:

As the Chinese always go further in any copy they make, they already made a complete serie of this version, with multiple levels to be played in castles, mazes and whatnot.

Here are some screen captures. You get to play the ‘classic‘ game, similar to Rovio‘s original, with gravity and planets, but with cannons instead of slingshots:

Chinese version

Or you can play the ‘fantasy‘ levels, which are more a FPS than any other thing…

The key is to aim to its paws thank me later

Anyway, I recommend you give it a play to understand better what I’m talking about… Good hunting!

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2 thoughts on “The Mighty Morphin Chinese Angry Birds – 太空版

  1. Lo gat sembla fet amb el cutre paint! fins i tot és assimètric… em pregunto com hauràn implementat la “física” del joc, si és que n’hi ha…


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