Crispy buns with condensed milk, Hong Kong – 奶油猪仔包, 香港

One of my favorite delicacies from Hong Kong is the crispy buns with condensed milk sold at Tsui Wah Restaurants.


Despite being ‘only’ a bread bun, crispy buns with condensed milk are a must-eat in the fragrant city. They are cut in half, toasting the surface but keeping the inside soft, with a thin coat of oil and sweetened with condensed milk on top. Best accompanied with milk tea. It has to be noted that 猪仔包 means piglet or piggy bun, and I suppose this name comes from their shape.

Some franchises like the Tsui Wah have a counter facing the street, where from early morning to 11am (the ‘breakfast time’) they sell an extensive assortment of buns and tarts to take away like the bor lor bao (pineapple bun).


But these crispy-milky ones are my favorite, and the fragrance when they are just made landing on the table, can revive you from the worst sleepless night.

A crispy bun (left) next to a pineapple bun (right)

And the perfect song to listen while enjoying them:

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