Taiwan wheel cakes – 車輪餅

As I started earlier this month talking about Chinese pastry treats, it is time to go deeper on these tasty delights.


Wheel cakes (紅豆餅) are one of the many variants of a Japanese dessert called Imagawayaki, and particularly, the Taiwanese version. They are made of two halves of dough cooked in a cup-shaped waffle pan with a filling to choose.

Despite in Yangshuo they are supposed to be a just a snack for strolling down West Street or wandering from shop to shop, they became my only food intake for almost a couple of days! Very addictive…

As shown in the video below, the dough is poured into cup-shaped holes on a waffle pan. As it cooks, the cooker brushes the centre of the paste to make space for the filling, a scoop of your choosing (chocolate, peanut butter or red bean paste). Then he takes the other half and caps them over the filling, giving it also few more minutes to cook both sides evenly as well as to stick them together.

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