Dried tangerine peels, Hong Kong – 陈皮, 香港

The fragrance of sun-dried orange peel wafts in the air at Reclamation Street Market in Hong Kong. It is a tangy, acid fragrance that opens lungs and somehow, manages to make you feel all healthy and fresh.

Dried tangerine peels

Chenpi (陈皮) is used as a seasoning in the regional cuisine, as an essential ingredient in the traditional Chinese medicine, as well as an air-freshener, a snack and way more.

Dried tangerine peels

As shown above, the tangerine peels are sun-dried until all the moisture is gone. The value of these dried orange peels depend on how long they have been stored and dried: in theory, it is said that the longer, the better (well, more expensive).

A similar product is the preserved mandarin peel (九制陈皮), which is dried and candied tangerine peels, which gives them a bittersweet flavor. It is used both as a snack as well as to clear throats or cure coughing.

Dried tangerine peels

Everything has a last use in here China!


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