Moving (back!) to China

China is the kind of place that more often than not will make you feel like you have landed in some extrasolar planet.


Maybe this is why this country is so captivating: it is a challenge from any angle you look at it; the language, society, business, relationships, moral and ethics… even partying! It is easy to get lost in a permanent state of learning, and for those who enjoy this feeling, that is just about right.

And I know, I have been absent around here, and the articles published amount to a really sad quality but hey, I do this for my own entertainment. Besides, I’ve been busy getting my career back on track, which meant blasting curriculum 24/7 and little else… Anyway, I can announce that I have great things on the stove coming up:

  • What’s up with all those crosses scattered on the streets of Culiacán? And what about Juárez Street and its currency exchange girls? Where is Chapo Guzman’s home now that he’s free again? All these and more questions about Sinaloa’s darker side have an answer at the interactive map about all things Cartel.
  • Are you doing any business in Mexico? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, ELI5 style.
  • Also, the best posts published so far (those with more views and impressions) will be moved to a new section on the main menu: Articles.

Oh, and I’m moving back to the arms of mistress China 😉 See you on the other side (of the Great Firewall)!


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