The many capitals of China

With roots in history that can be traced as far as 3,000 years, I have to admit that even the rich Catalan history languishes compared with what is today’s China.




Border couriers, Zhuhai – 边境走私, 珠海

Always lurking around the stairs to the lower levels of Gongbei Underground, these professionals are a helping hand dodging border restrictions at Gongbei’s Port.

Macanese customs


Mazatlán’s pulmonías – Pulmonías de Mazatlán

The best option to move around the touristic capital of Sinaloa is to hop in one of these golf-cart taxi cabs, called pulmonías.


Domes of Culiacán – Cúpulas de Culiacán

Culiacán, Sinaloa‘s capital and hometown for Mexico’s most powerful drug lords, has plenty of landmarks linked to the local narco culture, but one of the least recognized is a structure crowning houses in the upper-scale districts: domes.


Everything Gongbei Underground, Zhuhai – 拱北地下广场, 珠海

Gongbei Underground Market (拱北地下广场), is the unofficial name for the Gongbei Port Shopping Plaza (拱北口岸购物广场), a subterranean shopping mall located next to the Gongbei Port Authority, one of the many border crossings between Macau and China in Zhuhai.