Border couriers, Zhuhai – 边境走私, 珠海

Always lurking around the stairs to the lower levels of Gongbei Underground, these professionals are a helping hand dodging border restrictions at Gongbei’s Port.

Macanese customs



Everything Gongbei Underground, Zhuhai – 拱北地下广场, 珠海

Gongbei Underground Market (拱北地下广场), is the unofficial name for the Gongbei Port Shopping Plaza (拱北口岸购物广场), a subterranean shopping mall located next to the Gongbei Port Authority, one of the many border crossings between Macau and China in Zhuhai.



Mapping Gongbei’s Underground Market, Zhuhai – 拱北地下广场, 珠海

Gongbei Underground Market is an entanglement of narrow corridors, hidden doors, empty spaces, stairs going to nowhere, and an endless list of apparently chaotic distribution…


Blue screen of death, Zhuhai – 蓝屏死机, 珠海

Giant LED billboards are nothing new in China, as this cheap technology is slowly replacing the twisted neon lights all over the country.



Chaoyang wet market, Zhuhai – 朝阳市场, 珠海

Chaoyang wet market (朝阳街市) is the place to go for fresh seafood in Zhuhai, as Gongbei’s wet market (not to be confused with the Underground Market) is more about meat and livestock.