Daily life

Border couriers, Zhuhai – 边境走私, 珠海

Always lurking around the stairs to the lower levels of Gongbei Underground, these professionals are a helping hand dodging border restrictions at Gongbei’s Port.

Macanese customs



Fortune-telling at Tin Hau Temple gardens, Hong Kong – 算命,香港

Near Temple Street Night Market, paraded between the Government Services Building and the Tin Hau Temple Complex in Kowloon, fortune tellers set their flashy tents in a long row, waiting for customers and swagging TV appearances in the meantime.


How to bargain (properly) in China

Bargaining is a must in China, a crucial need if you are a foreigner, and a question of dignity if you behave or dress like it.


Chinese convenience stores, Zhuhai – 小卖部, 珠海

The Chinese version of the western convenience stores are known as xiăomàibù (小卖部) or corner stores. These shops stock a wide range of everyday items and are an alternative to larger stores or modern supermarkets thanks to their proximity, low prices, and overall, their opening hours.

Chinese corner store


Bamboo scaffolding, Hong Kong – 竹脚手架, 香港

Considered a symbol of fertility in the Chinese culture, bamboo is one of those natural elements closely linked to any Asian culture, like previously seen with jade or tea, and even the karst (and beautiful) mountains of Yangshuo.

Bamboo scaffolding, Hong Kong (more…)