Café de olla, México – Spiced pot coffee, Mexico

From meat to beer, shaved ice and fruit cups, Mexico likes to spice up its life through food. Natural flavor is not an option here, and with coffee they have their own way with it too.




Coat of Arms of Sinaloa – Escudo de Armas de Sinaloa

This mosaic below represents the Coat of Arms of the Free and Sovereign State of Sinaloa, designed by the painter and heraldry scholar Rolando Arjona Amabilis.


Mazatlán’s pulmonías – Pulmonías de Mazatlán

The best option to move around the touristic capital of Sinaloa is to hop in one of these golf-cart taxi cabs, called pulmonías.


Mexican transit buses – Camiones de México

Everything in Mexico seems to have been used far beyond its natural lifespan, from buildings to politicians, and their city buses are no exception.

mexico local bus


Totopos y tostadas, Mexico

Totopos and tostadas are the multi-purpose cutlery and plates of Mexico, as well as a versatile snack present in any Mexican household.

Totopos in a basket