People’s Republic of China – 中华人民共和国

This vast land of opportunities has managed to thrive through revolutions, invasions, gold ages, unification and anarchy periods, and after the economic expansion initiated by Deng Xiaoping, China is once again among the leading nations in the world, supported by its large, industrious population and abundant resources.

Despite China’s rise in many fronts, it keeps puzzling the West and many foreigners. Ask yourself: how much do you know about this country? Just bear in mind that the foundations of modern technology were mostly invented and perfected in China: from paper to rocketry, including banknotes, mass production, and many others… The depth and complexity of this country and its people, condensing multiple cultures and traditions, stunning landscapes and an incredibly rich heritage, fascinated foreigners from Marco Polo to Roy Chapman, and will amaze you as well…

As for me, my career was kick-started with a job in China, from where I wanted to share impressions and moments with friends and relatives and thus, this very blog was created. But the Middle Kingdom won both my heart and mind, becoming part of me as I moved to other countries.

This is a place where change happens fast and hard, and I’ve been lucky enough to experience it firsthand; China’s vertiginous soar in many fields is reshaping from global economy to their old city quarters, replaced by modern skyscrapers and avenues, and overall, the irreversible shift on tastes, culture, and social values.

But it is not just about the geopolitical or economic side, but personal as well: everyone should live in China at least once: this country can bring up the best and the worst in everybody, and the best part is that this depends entirely on you…

Don’t forget to check out all the articles about China, and the visual amazingness of this country at my Flickr.

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart
 — Confucius


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