Bamboo scaffolding, Hong Kong – 竹脚手架, 香港

Considered a symbol of fertility in the Chinese culture, bamboo is one of those natural elements closely linked to any Asian culture, like previously seen with jade or tea, and even the karst (and beautiful) mountains of Yangshuo.

Bamboo scaffolding, Hong KongBesides its inherent symbolism, bamboo has long been used as a construction material in Asia: it is durable and strong, reusable, it can withstand large amounts of weight being lightweight itself. So using bamboo scaffolding for any kind of construction work was something that came up naturally.

Bamboo can also be cut and “tailored” to suit any shape or purpose, and it takes very little time to build it up. It is light, easy to move to other sites and no machinery is required to assemble the entire framework, just a knot. And maybe the most important point is that bamboo can easily be recycled and reused for another project, it’s just untie the knots and pile the poles up:

Bamboo scaffold

But all this is nothing new in Hong Kong, where bamboo is widely used in any construction since long time ago, not only for all those special characteristics, but also for being largely available all over the neighbouring mainland for a small fraction of the price of equivalent in steel scaffold.

Bamboo scaffolding, Zhuhai

The entire framework is made of bamboo poles!

Truss-out style scaffolding is normally used for minor works on facades and structures, where it is not practical to raise a full scaffold structure supported on the ground, and rests on the building for support, as seen in here:

Bamboo truss-out platform

See more on bamboo scaffolding at its Flickr set.

UPDATE: bamboo used to build barricades against the police during the Hong Kong’s 2014 civil unrest.



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