Douhua – 豆(腐)花

Douhua ( (豆花, dòuhuā, in mandarin) or tau fu fa, (豆腐花 in Cantonese) is a snack/dessert made with very soft tofu (known also as silk tofu). It is also named tofu pudding or soybean pudding.


In the Cantonese cuisine it is served with toppings, which depend on the region, like sweet ginger or clear syrup, azuki or mung beans, tapioca, and sometimes as a mixture with black bean paste or with coconut milk. Hard to pick up with chopsticks because of the moisture, it must be eaten with a spoon. Seasons also affect this dish: during the summer, douhua is served with crushed ice; in winter, it is served warm.

tau fu fa
Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong – 公和荳品廠 @Kowloon City, Hong Kong; by ktk

Traditionally it is made with a wooden bucket when it is sold as part of dim sum (木桶豆腐花).

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