Esquites, Mexico

Keeping on with Mexican maize, from the náhuatl word ‘izquitl’, esquite is the name given to the boiled maize kernels served in a cup with condiments, usually sold by street vendors.

Esquite con chile

Like with the elote preparado (both regularly sold in the same stalls), the corncob is also boiled in water with a pinch of salt, sometimes epazote, and in the south of the Republic, with chicken legs.

The difference is that after boiling, the kernels are shaved off of it and put into a cup where they are seasoned. Some regions prepare the kernels in bulk, fried in butter, chilli and other spices:

Photo by bionicgrrrl

In Sinaloa, they are served with cream, fresh cheese, lime juice, powder chilli and a teaspoon of mayonnaise, as in the first picture of this article. Enjoy!

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