Street hot pot, Zhuhai – 火锅, 珠海

Chinese hot-pot (火锅, huǒ guō: fire pot) also known as Chinese fondue or steamboat, refers to the Chinese variation of the occidental stew: boil them all!

In Chinese it is also known as da ben lu (打邊爐), literally translated as “knocking pot’s side.”

Near my apartment in Zhuhai, there is a shop offering a delicious hot-pot for 11 kuài until late night. Even getting back home at 4 a.m. you can get a warm soup of your choice to help you out with an empty stomach and a probable hangover next day!

Around this shop, there are other small posts of barbecued vegetables and meat, and the usual thing to do after a night of heavy dancing and partying, is to get a piece from each one.

The hot pot recipe changes from region to region, as well as the ingredients, but the idea is the same everywhere: choose and boil. The primary stock is made of water, salt and soup base and the ingredients to be added depend on the region too. Here are some from my shop:

You can have it to take away or eat it on the spot.

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